About Us

The Society of Offshore Marine Warranty Surveyors was formed in 2017 to be the international organisation for all concerned with warranting of marine operations, by providing professional leadership, upholding standards, and developing and sharing knowledge based upon integrity and quality. For more History about SOMWS click here

Our aims are…

To work within the global marine energy and construction communities.

To uphold the status, standards and knowledge of marine warranty surveyors worldwide.

To promote the development of marine warranty surveying and provide opportunities for the exchange of ideas and practices.

Our Articles

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Our Rules

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Our Board

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Supporting Marine Warranty Surveyors who wish to apply for membership of the society.


We help those within the industry uphold and maintain the very best standards.

Member Support

Professional leadership, alongside the development and sharing of knowledge.


We aim to provide opportunities for the exchange of ideas and practices.


Organising specialist events for members to network and develop their skills.